Stephanie Coker Is A Swag Queen In This Dope Outfit

Super cute media personality, Stephanie Coker is dripping swag and cuteness in this dapper two-piece.This diva who is delivering whenever she steps on both on the big screen and the big stage is here to step on necks. Taking to the gram, she posted a series of snaps of herself. She was putting on a […]

I’ve Been Window-Shopping for a Nonexistent Fall Vacay—Here’s What I’d Pack

Now inching closer to the tail end of summer, I’m sad to report that I’ve gone vacation-less all season. At the start of April, I had envisioned running off to a tropical getaway, but like most things, it’s easier said than done. Instead, I’ve been watching others bask at the sunny beaches of Tulum and swim […]

Ganiyat Salami Labib Is The Modern Muslimah Creating Modest Beauty

Being a Muslimah is a fun and exciting journey regardless of how you choose to look at it and it is super exciting to explore great style options while including your faith at the core. Ganiyat Salami Labib is one person who does an amazing job of helping modest beauties like herself. For a lot […]

The “Artsy” Microtrend Fashion People Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s a well-documented fact the fashion crowd loves an exciting print. While we’ve seen our fair share of kitschy patterns and overly saccharine florals, the latest print on the rise feels worthy of a full-fledged exhibition at the MoMA— we’re talking bold photographic and painted graphics that look like they belong on canvas.  Lately, I haven’t been […]

Spice Up And Elevate Your Wardrobe With These Ultra Chic Ankara Styles

We love the beauty of prints and how much magic our African prints can be used to create for our darling fashionista. A lot of designers love to play around with it and they enjoy creating Jaw-dropping designs and alluring pieces. Today we are excited to walk through a number of Ankara pieces that we […]

5 Accessory Trends That Aren’t a Thing Among Parisians

As someone who really loves accessories, it wasn’t a challenging assignment for me to study the accessory tendencies of French women. Specifically, I was looking for the accessory trends they don’t wear. I get the impression that French women like what they like and certain trends just don’t fit in with their aesthetics. Now, of course, […]

And Now, 5 Curls You Didn’t Know You Could Create With a Straightener

Like most everyone last year, I had to learn to be flexible with my beauty routine. I swapped the nail salon for at-home manis, put facials on pause for DIY treatments, and even ditched the hair salon. It meant no fancy treatments, no fresh blowouts or styles, no feeling like I just walked out of an ad […]